Friday, 12 October 2012

WIP Dump Time!

I just updated my Polycount Sketchbook (which can be found here) so I thought I'd get my blog up to date too for all y'all that aren't on Polycount, sorry for all the previous inactivity guys!

I've started a 3D study of Jensen Ackles. Been watching wayyyy too much Supernatural :I Not going too bad so far! Look at that surly faaaace :')

Some character thumbs/sketches/moods. Trying to work more on my development process and idea generation instead of fully rendering my first sketch into a final piece.

Some quick thumbnail sketches playing around with environments.

That's all for now, will definitely start updating with sketches more often :)

3D Sculpting

Had my first crack at sculpting with Mudbox the other day. Sorry for the angle spam! The materials are just too fun :'D ( just look at how shiny they can be :O ) No references resulted in some elf lady thing:


Study of Amanda Seyfried's crazy doll-like lovely mush from over the summer.


Gonna get this blog up and running again!