Friday, 12 October 2012

WIP Dump Time!

I just updated my Polycount Sketchbook (which can be found here) so I thought I'd get my blog up to date too for all y'all that aren't on Polycount, sorry for all the previous inactivity guys!

I've started a 3D study of Jensen Ackles. Been watching wayyyy too much Supernatural :I Not going too bad so far! Look at that surly faaaace :')

Some character thumbs/sketches/moods. Trying to work more on my development process and idea generation instead of fully rendering my first sketch into a final piece.

Some quick thumbnail sketches playing around with environments.

That's all for now, will definitely start updating with sketches more often :)

3D Sculpting

Had my first crack at sculpting with Mudbox the other day. Sorry for the angle spam! The materials are just too fun :'D ( just look at how shiny they can be :O ) No references resulted in some elf lady thing:


Study of Amanda Seyfried's crazy doll-like lovely mush from over the summer.


Gonna get this blog up and running again!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

First 2012 work and end of 2011 dump

Here are the first works of 2012. I'm working on things I am mostly unfamiliar with like mechanical parts and armours and even some texture work ;o

All the following were created last year and I never got around to sharing. There's some doodles, commissions, fan art...a little mix of everything. Some are more finished and just better than others but I like each of them for different reasons:)